Jennifer Nel

Dip. Counselling, Cert. IV Christian Ministry and Theology
Certified Seasons for Growth Companion in the Children and Young People’s Program (Good Grief Org)

Jen has a passion for seeing people, families and communities thrive. Over the past 25 years, Jen and her family have had the privilege of living, working and raising a family internationally, living on four different continents. Wherever they have been located, Jen has always been involved with helping people reach their full potential.

Jen comes from a background in pastoral care and international ministry. She has taught life skills and personal development courses for women and high school students. For the past 18 months she has been working with a range of children, prep to grade 6, in a primary school setting supporting students and their families socially, emotionally and spiritually. Jen also works as a behaviour therapist with children with ASD/developmental delay.

Jen uses a holistic approach to counselling and is creative when working with clients and their families, creating a safe place to respond to her clients’ needs with empathy and build rapport. Jen is a registered counsellor with the Australian Counselling Association and all services are delivered in accordance with the ACA’s Code of Ethics.

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