Below is a list of life’s tough challenges faced by many people from time to time.

The counsellors listed have particular training, experience and a passion to facilitate change in these areas. If your particular issue is not listed below please contact Reception staff to discuss the most suitable practitioner to meet your needs.

You can also view our practitioners by qualification type.

Personal Matters:

     Depression – All counsellors are skilled in this area

     Anxiety – All counsellors are skilled in this area

     Grief and loss – Miranda NakhlaDonald EmslieLiz Pardey, Rowena BrookesChristine Russell, Jenny Bull, Phil van der KliftHeather Adam, Dr Eleasa Sieh, Amanda Gray, Jennifer Nel

     Trauma and abuse – Donald Emslie, Rowena BrookesChristine Russell, Paula NicholsonPhil van der KliftVidya Pachipala

     Stress and anger managementDonald Emslie, John Silver, Heather Adam, Rowena Brookes, Jenny BullVidya Pachipala, Jennifer Nel

     Addictions – Peter Brown, Donald Emslie, Vidya Pachipala, Rowena Brookes, Sharyn Joyner, Paula NicholsonJenny Bull, Jennifer Nel

     Chronic health conditions – Dr Eleasa Sieh

     Compulsive sexual behavioursPeter Brown

     Self-esteem – Miranda Nakhla, Jennifer Nel

     Eating disordersPaula NicholsonDr Eleasa Sieh

     Self-harm Miranda NakhlaPaula Nicholson, Jennifer Nel

     Suicide riskPeter Brown, Donald Emslie

     Women’s issues – Miranda Nakhla, Vidya Pachipala, Heather Adam, Christine RussellCherrie Jones, Dr Eleasa Sieh, Jennifer Nel

     Men’s issuesJohn Silver

     DisabilitySharyn Joyner

     Life ChangesPhil van der KliftCherrie Jones, Michael Ellwood, Belinda Williams, Jennifer Nel

     Cross-cultural issuesMiranda Nakhla, Vidya Pachipala

     SupervisionMiranda Nakhla, Michael Ellwood, Rowena Brookes

Family Matters:

     Family therapy – Christine RussellMiranda Nakhla

     Child/Parent attachment –  Donald EmslieClaire Ting

     Parenting help –  Peter Brown,  Jenny Bull, Belinda WilliamsRowena Brookes

     Children’s issuesDonald EmsliePeter BrownVidya Pachipala, Claire TingSharyn JoynerCherrie Jones, Amanda Gray, Jennifer Nel

     Adolescents –  Donald EmslieChristine Russell, Rowena BrookesJune Fernandez, Amanda Gray, Jennifer Nel

     Pre-marriage counselling – Miranda NakhlaLiz Pardey,

     Couples counsellingMiranda NakhlaLiz PardeyDonald EmslieMichael EllwoodJenny Bull

     Relationship conflict – Miranda NakhlaLiz PardeyMichael Ellwood

     Divorce recoveryMiranda Nakhla, Michael EllwoodLiz Pardey

     Domestic violenceLiz Pardey

     Pregnancy –  Paula Nicholson

Education Matters:

     Educational assessmentsDonald Emslie, Peter BrownClaire Ting, Vidya Pachipala

     AutismClaire Ting, Donald Emslie

Spiritual Matters:

     Spiritual issues – Peter Brown, Donald EmslieMiranda NakhlaJohn SilverChris Perona, 

     Ministry burnoutPeter Brown, Dr Allan Adams, Donald Emslie, Jennifer Nel

     Cults – Peter Brown

     Biblical CounsellingPhil van der KliftChris Perona


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