Matters discussed within a counselling session are strictly confidential. However, the following are some exceptions:

  • The client provides written consent for the release of specific information to another health practitioner;
  • The counsellor as part of his/her commitment to maintain best practice may decide to share certain unidentified data relating to the counselling process in
    the context of clinical supervision;
  • The counsellor is required by court order or Legal Obligation to release information to appropriate authorities;
  • The counsellor is of the opinion that under the obligation of duty of care appropriate disclosure is warranted.

Where possible any matter of disclosure will be discussed in the first instance with the client.

Mental Health Care Plans

If you are attending a GP Counsellor, or have a Mental Health Care Plan in place for sessions with Psychologist or Social Worker in Mental Health, your visits will register with Medicare Australia for the purpose of providing a rebate to you. However, this information is strictly private and cannot be accessed by any  individual other than yourself. Similarly it also cannot be accessed by an employer.


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