Eliza Mealey

Bachelor of Arts Psychotherapy, ACA

Eliza is an accredited Arts Psychotherapist with the registered body, ACA. She has a Bachelor of Arts Psychotherapy from Ikon Institute Australia. Eliza’s background in theatre and her understanding of the power of using creative methods to dive deeper into our subconscious, led her to pursue a career in Arts Psychotherapy. Eliza works in a holistic way, guiding clients towards their strengths. She has experience working with adults who face life challenges, young children and adolescents who have social, emotional and behavioural issues. Eliza is trauma informed as a therapist, and also works as a counsellor. Eliza believes that emotional agility¬† and strength is a natural outcome of therapy. Eliza believes that we all need to discover our great bits, so we can lean on to them when the water gets rough and to recognise when joy arrives.


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