At Foundations Counsellors Centre we have GP Counsellors, Psychologists and Counsellors.

GP Counsellors hold a medical degree and have undergone further training in mental health.

Dr Carolyn RussellDr Allan Adams, Dr Eleasa Sieh

Psychologists assist people to develop their life skills in order to function better and are trained to treat people with a mental illness.

Peter Brown, Donald Emslie, Vidya Pachipala, Heather Adam, Phil van der Klift

Counsellors are trained to help people to help themselves. Counselling is intended to assist the client in clarifying personal goals, exploring options & possible solutions to presenting problems.

Miranda Nakhla, Liz PardeyJohn Silver, Christine RussellJenny BullCherrie Jones, Michael Ellwood, Paula Nicholson, Amanda Gray, Eliza Mealey, Samantha Weir, Lee Heather

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