The following websites contain helpful information and support: – Beyond Blue is a joint initiative of the federal, state and territory governments to raise awareness of mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Beyond Blue also works to reduce the stigma associated with these conditions.  The website has helpful information and downloadable material. The Black Dog Institute offers specialist help to those suffering depression and bipolar disorder. This is the youth website connected with the Black Dog Institute. Lots of great help for young people. Cybersmart provides activities, resources and practical advice to help young kids, kids, teens and parents safely enjoy the online world. Learn about the issues of cyberbullying, sexting, mobile phone safety and how to protect yourself and information about you on-line. Connect with Kids Helpline, plus lots of helpful information for kids and teens. The website of Queensland Health, with some useful resources for mental health. The Eating Disorders Assocation website which provides information and support for people affected by eating disorders. An honest and helpful blog written by the mother of a teenage girl who suffers from anorexia. The Butterfly Foundation provides support and information to those affected by eating disorders and negative body image and to their carers. Connect Info offers support and information to all who care for children, including parents, grandparents, caregivers, friends, teachers or health professionals. Parenting Coach offers practical, hands-on help for parents as they raise their children. Mental Health Social Support offers help and training to individuals who seek to support friends or family members with developing mental health concerns. A website for all involved in parenting and caring for children and families. Lots of great tips and blogs.

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